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Over the last few years, Hong Kong has become an art market hotspot. Galleries, art projects and fairs are now flourishing. Taking advantage of this dynamism and grasping the new opportunities, artists are taking an active part in this cultural renaissance. Hong Kong art is in a state of continual reinvention and within ten years the art scene has nurtured a profusion of works and a hive of creativity. 

Beyond Hong Kong’s complex history legacy, artists working in the heart of the temple of liberalism have to deal with issues that are altogether universal and contemporary. Often at odds with society's values, they develop an alternative art and act as a bridge between places and people.

Based on interviews, this book draws links between history, culture and identity founded on the conviction that art not only reflects society but also moulds it. 


Published in English by Asia One & in French by Nouvelles Editions Scala in 2013.

128 pages - 16.5x20.5 cm

Asia One



2000 marks a turning point in the art development in China. For the first time, a state-sponsored exhibition displayed more contemporary works than traditional works. At the same time, the internet revolution started to deeply modify the artistic landscape and accelerated the integration of Chinese artists into the international art world.

2008 marks another benchmark with the Olympic games held in Beijing while 2010 welcomed Shanghai World Expo, China’s first world’s fair in history.

A new generation of global-minded artists has emerged, who embrace the idea of belonging to the international art community.

Today, Chinese artists consider themselves as privileged witnesses of a society in deep flux, and the extreme variety of their art practices reflects the growing complexity of this constantly changing context. Seeing art as work-in-progress, they keep exploring new visual languages with boundless energy and freedom of mind.

Innovative artistic processes appear constantly and the very definition of art is subject to unstoppable change. If art constantly renews itself, then China is unmistakably the right place to watch.

Featuring more than 100 Chinese artists, and organized by themes, this book is an analysis of the development of Chinese art within its social, political and economic context based on interviews with most of the artists and studios’ visits to get the story first hand.

A must-have for all, After 2000: Contemporary Art in China gives the reader essential keys with which to apprehend contemporary art in 21st century China.

Preface by Mrs Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva, editor-in-chief of Pipeline contemporary art magazine 

Published in English by Mars International Publications, Hong Kong, in May 2015.

224 pages - 21x26 cm - 200 color photographs

Mars International Publications




A French and shorter version of the latest publication on Chinese contemporary art.



Published in French by Nouvelles Editions Scala, France, in 2014.


128 pages - 16,5 x20,5 cm


Nouvelles Editions Scala



Contemporary Japanese art, for many people, means Takashi Murakami and manga aesthetics. But while it is true that Murakami and his studio occupy a central place in the Japanese art landscape, they are far from its sole representatives. The age of kawai, mangas and robots has definitively come to an end. Today's artists are moving away from these stereotypes. 


As the twenty-first century begins to unfold, Japanese artists are proving to be unique. They love to bound across temporal, cultural and geographic borders, using subjectivity as a trampoline to explore the diversity of the real and reinvent universal forms suitable for its representation.


Published in French by Nouvelles Editions Scala in 2012.

128 pages - 16.5x20.5 cm