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Recent Exhibitions & Performances



Takahashi Collection exhibition: 'Intime & Cosmos' essay, Paris 2015


Beyond the sound Pipeline Magazine Hong Kong issue 48


Tsang Kinwah Art Press bilingual magazine special Venice edition

Trevor Yeung Art Press bilingual magazine 


Ivy Ma Making History Pipeline Magazine Hong Kong issue 47

Shi Qing Emancipating the public Pipeline Magazine Hong Kong issue 47

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong Museum of the Lost preface to the catalogue Blindspot

gallery Hong Kong


The Relation to the West in Contemporary Chinese Art DSL magazine issue 6


Contemporary art and Heritage Rawness

China: new exhibition models? Art Press magazine


Hong Kong Eye DSL magazine issue 3

Recent Articles

Shelters of Resistance - Exhibition featuring Kacey Wong at Paris City Hall,  France


Love Etc - Performances for Agnes b. Gallery, Hong Kong



Mobile Tales - Performances for Wing Platform with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

during Chai Wan Mei (Art Basel)


Hong Kong Bestiary - Exhibition featuring 10 Hong Kong artists at Platform China


Radiance - Exhibition featuring Sarah Lai & S├ębastien Mahon for Mur Nomade,

Hong Kong


Resistance - Artshare - Online exhibition featuring Hong Kong artists on the theme of resistance

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